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Best things to do in Ireland

Ireland, The Land of Saints and Scholars, has always been getting the attraction that it’s always deserved. Let’s not forget Saint Patrick’s Day and RMS Titanic.

Even the famous singer, Ed Sheeran, has made a song that includes the harbor city on Ireland’s west coast, Galway. Aside from Galway as one of Ireland’s main attraction for traditional pubs, there are other sightings that are worth seeing too!


What to do when in Ireland

Ireland is remarkable for their breathtaking sights and the vast lands of preserved or untoouched nature.

Cliffs of Moher is no exception to this! With its majestic height that’s approximately 200 meters above the Atlantic waters. What makes the Moher Cliffs special is that popular; iconic films such as Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince.

Another site that’s worth sightseeing is Slieve League which is surprisingly three times higher than Cliffs of Moher. Even if it secured its sixth position in Europe’s highest sea cliff, it is not overcrowded with travelers and tourist.


You can take this into your own advantage and immerse yourself on what nature has to offer for you while wrapped in the sirene sounds of water colliding with the cliffs walls; plus, you can take really nice shots with your camera to save the moment.

Aside from that, Ireland’s top visitor attraction is Guinness Storehouse Tours where they made the famous dark beer! They will show you the brewing process and the history behind Guinness.

Around Ireland are also historical castles that are worth your while like Rock of Cashel which formerly had the name St. Patrick’s Rock. Seeing the castle from afar is something that you’d see out of a fantasy book! It’s preserved medieval architecture and art will leave you in awe as the castle sits on a grassy plain.

These are just little of many attractions to witness in Ireland. If you don’t want the idea of engulfing yourselves with the wonders of nature, and historical treasures, I don’t know what else could ever please your eyes.